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Scalp Med Reviews – A Collection
Written by James Taylir on Apr. 23rd 2016
6 Months In… So Far, So Good!

Despite what I have read around the web, I have actually had a great experience with Scalp Med. I am a 43-year-old male who was dealing with a receding hairline as well as some patchy balding on the top of my head. You know, the usual!

I had tried several products before, including Rogaine, but nothing seemed to work for me and my hair continued to go away. I finally decided to give Scalp Med a try and am seeing results!

Here is my Scalp Med review.

I have been using Scalp Med for just over six months now, and much like they say on the Scalp Med website, I am starting to see some real results. I use the product in the morning before work and at night before bed. I also take the herbal supplement in the morning.

In the morning I wash my hair with the NutriSol, then spray on the Vitadil, then leave it on for 45 minutes before I get in the shower. The stuff doesn’t feel great while it is in my hair, but I suppose that means it is going to work! I generally eat my breakfast or read the paper while getting ready for my day while it is in my hair. At night I repeat the process. Repetition is key!

I started on the 2-month trial plan like most people and opted for the auto subscribe option. Since I haven’t had any issues, I have not had to call customer service, so I can not give them a review either way in that regard. However my product has arrived before I run out of my current supply consistently. And the billing could not be easier.

I think what sets Scalp Med apart is the two-step process. I think that extra layer of treatment has given me better results, because as I mentioned, other products have not worked in the past. I have used other products that contain minoxidil, with no results, so that is the only thing I can think of.

Scalp Med has a pre-treatment wash to get your scalp ready for the minoxidil spray. It wakes up your hair follicles and helps them get bigger for thicker hair–just what I wanted! And I can say now that it isn’t just hype, but is true based on my results.

For me, the hardest part was just building it into my routine every day and being patient with the process, so that would be my advice to anyone who is considering using Scalp Med. It takes a long time to start seeing results, but once you do, it makes it all worth it. I plan to continue using Scalp Med for another six months and hopefully my hair will continue to fill all the way back in!

Review from Portland, Maine

I was very skeptical about trying Scalp Med after seeing some negative Scalp Med reviews online. But since I’ve tried every other dang treatment out there, I figured what the heck. I mean, how much worse could it get?

I’m a male in my late 40s with a very thin layer of what hair I have left around my crown. So for me, there was very little risk to giving this product a go. And with basically no side effects and that low introductory rate, I had nothing to lose. Especially not more hair, LOL!

So I tried it, and here I am eight months in with more hair than I had before. This stuff works!

I think I first started seeing results around four months in. I could tell at least that I wasn’t losing my hair any more rapidly than when I had started, so I took that as a good sign and stuck with it. A month later, I started to see a little bit of hair coming in and now I am much closer to being back a near full head of hair. You really just need to stick with it to see Scalp Med work.

And I tell you what, there is nothing like being able to touch the top of my head and feel hair, and even run my hands through it! There are no more mornings of waking up to a bunch of hair on my pillow or coming away with handfuls every time I wash my hair in the shower. My hair has been truly revitalized.

I do realize that no product will work the same for every person, which is sad, because they should have developed one by now! But Scalp Med sure worked for me, and I think it will work for most other people too. It’s better than anything else I’ve tried and is more than just minoxidil.

I can certainly understand the skepticism from people not wanting to give Scalp Med a try. Remember: I was a skeptic myself not long ago! But with that 2-month introductory rate, it’s worth giving a try. And you don’t have to choose the auto-subscribe option. I was wary of it, so I just kept ordering the product manually every other month and, and while that probably cost me some money, I really don’t care because I actually have the results.

So to those worried about getting scammed: I hear you. But I’m proof that Scalp Med is not a scam. Give it a try, and I hope your results will be as good as mine.

Scalp Med Gave Me Results Without Side Effects

First off, let me just say that I cannot fathom where these awful reviews on Scalp Med are coming from. I have had the polar opposite experience.

Granted, I am not a person who was going totally bald or was even nearly bald, but I had a few spots on my head where my hair had thinned over time. It wasn’t a big deal, but I decided to do something about it finally after a comment from my lifelong barber.

I initially tried Rogaine, because it was the only one I had ever heard of. I gave that a go for a few months and nothing ever seemed to happen… other than the side effects. I would rather not get into detail on those and it was nothing major, but my body did not react well to the Rogaine AT ALL. I realize this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happened to me. So enough was enough!

Like I said. I was just dealing with some minor thinning of my hair, so it wasn’t worth any side effects. So I quit Rogaine and did some research, and that is how I found Scalp Med.

I was a little wary given my bad experience with Rogaine but gave it a go anyway. My research had told me that minoxidil was the only FDA-approved treatment. I knew Rogaine had minoxidil in it too, but Scalp Med had that, plus a second layer of treatment! I was sold.

So I did the twice-a-day treatment as suggested and started to notice my hair filling back in around the 5 month mark. It even started to bring back some color! Not only could I see it, but I could actually FEEL my hair becoming more healthy. So I have nothing but good things to say about the Scalp Med treatment solution.

I can’t figure out why my body reacted poorly to Rogaine, yet responded so well to Scalp Med, but all I know is that it did. I will continue to use Scalp Med as long as my hair continues to look and feel more healthy, which it still does after this time.

As for customer service, I called once around month 3 to complain that my Scalp Med wasn’t working and the customer service person actually really calmed me down and convinced me to stick with it. She was very reassuring and listened to all of my concerns.

Yes, it is more expensive and lesser known than Rogaine, but it gave me results and that is all that matters in the end. I’ve recommended it to friends and family and am now posting it here on the internet for all to see.

Give Scalp Med a try – you won’t regret it!

A (Happy) Woman’s Review of Scalp Med

It seems like most of the scalpmed.com reviews are from a male, so I thought I would give my review for the sake of other women who are in need of hair loss treatment.

I’m in my 50s and I have used Scalp Med for a year and have seen significant results.

For years, I had no idea what to do with my rapidly thinning hair and just chalked it up to normal aging. I honestly didn’t think there was anything I could do about it. Every commercial I saw for Propecia or Rogaine and whatever else were all targeted toward men. I thought it was hopeless. Was there nothing for us women?!

That’s when I started to do some digging. I found out that Propecia was FDA-approved for MEN ONLY. Ugh! Rogaine however did have products for women, however I didn’t see any success stories. That’s when I stumbled upon an ad for Scalp Med.

Scalp Med uses the same minoxidil as Rogaine, but that is only the second part of the treatment. The first part is what I think sets Scalp Med apart.

Before you apply the Vitadil spray, which contains the minoxidil, you apply a patented shampoo called NutriSol. This pre-treatment formula is designed to prep your scalp for new hair to grow. You just rub in the shampoo, then spray on the Vitadil, leave it in for 45-minutes and rinse it out. I’ve done this twice a day for a year and can honestly say that my hair has gotten thicker!

It took probably around 6 months before I started to see any results, but once I did, it kept getting better and better. The hair I had before is thicker and more healthy and new hair grew in to help fill the gaps. I now have nearly as much hair as I did many years ago!

It has been quite a struggle over the years to go out in public or even just be around my loved ones with such a thinning scalp, but now I go see them with pride and tell them all about how Scalp Med has helped me. I urge other women to give it a shot as it is one of the few topical treatment options for us ladies.

I plan to stick with the treatment as I fear once I stop my hair would just go back to the way it was before. I’ve read that this is the best course of action to continue my results. I don’t expect more hair to come in, but I would love to maintain what I have regained!
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About Author: Tom Barbados

Tom Barbados is a personal trainer based in San Diego, California. He writes a monthly newsletter offering training tips, health news and product reviews for men.
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