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Scalp Med Hair Reviews – Ingredients & Competition
Written by James Taylir on Feb. 13th 2016
Scalp Med Reviews: The Ingredients

When your hair starts to go, you start to stress out. Or does the stress hit first?

It’s a total chicken or the egg scenario. But whatever the cause of your hair loss, things might be completely overwhelming once you start researching all of the available hair loss solution options out there. There’s so many! How can you know where to start?

A good place is the product ingredients.

Most products will make the same claims about hair loss, and you may even find that many have very similar ingredients, so how do you figure out what sets one product apart from the others?

It can be very tricky, so to help out, I’ve out picked my personal favorite hair loss solution–Scalp Med–and will compare its ingredients to other available hair loss products.

What Are The Ingredients In Scalp Med?

First, let’s take a look at what’s in Scalp Med.

Scalp Med is an FDA-approved solution for hair loss in men and women, and uses Minoxidil as its primary active ingredient, but it is only one part of Scalp Med’s hair loss products. But what makes Scalp Med’s unique, patented two-step process to treat hair loss is what makes it different.

The first phase of the Scalp Med solution is the pretreatment formula, NutriSol, which creates the optimal environment for healthy, new hair growth. NutriSol is a specially-formulated shampoo that is massaged directly into the problem areas. NutriSol helps shrunken hair follicles increase in size, which allows for new, thicker hair to grow.

While Scalp Med keeps parts of its recipe secret, here is what we know NutriSol contains:

- Water
- Glycerin
- Polysorbate 80
- Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin 85)
- Polysorbate 20
- Retinol
- Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract (Serenoa Serrulata)
- Beta-Sitosterol
- Cysteine
- Biotin
- Phenoxyethanol
- Ethylhexylglycerin

Saw palmetto is one ingredient in particular that is gaining traction lately in studies, but no product packages it together with so many other hair-friendly nutrients.

To give you the CliffsNotes version, the other ingredients rid hair follicles of DHT, increase blood flow to hair follicles, assists with moisture retention, fight bacteria and combine to foster a perfect environment to grow thicker, shiny, healthy hair.

NutriSol prepares the scalp for phase 2 of the Scalp Med process: Vitadil.

After the scalp has been primed with NutriSol, Scalp Med’s Vitadil topical solution is sprayed directly onto the same area. Vitadil’s active ingredient is Minoxidil, which is the only topical solution proven to treat hair loss.

Scalp Med and most of the other leading hair loss products on the market today, such as Rogaine, Lipogaine and Provillus, contain Minoxidil as the main active ingredient. This makes sense, as it is the only FDA-approved topical hair loss solution known to be scientifically proven to stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

Does Scalp Med work better than Rogaine?

While we’re on the topic of Minoxidil-based hair loss solutions, Rogaine offers the biggest competition to Scalp Med. Minoxidil works by reactivating your hair’s natural growth cycle by reinvigorating hair follicles that are shrunken due to hereditary hair loss.

Since both are Minoxidil products, what makes them different? As mentioned above, the first phase of the Scalp Med process, NutriSol, is a big part of it, as it primes the scalp for the Minoxidil-infused Vitadil. Having that prime hair growth environment ready for the Minoxidil is a big advantage for Scalp Med.

When comparing the products, it’s also important to take a look at the inactive ingredients. Other Minoxidil-based products contain high levels of alcohol, which might dry out the scalp more than Scalp Med products will. Vitadil also has alcohol in it, but because of the NutriSol priming solution that moisturizes the scalp, Scalp Med users do not report dryness as a side effect.

Scalp Med’s Vitadil also varies based on if the product is for men or women. Scalp Med’s Vitadil for men has Minoxidil 5% w/v and 2% w/v for women. Inactive ingredients for men include alcohol 50% w/v and propylene glycol 50% w/v and purified water. Inactive ingredients for women include alcohol 60% w/v and propylene glycol 20% w/v and purified water. The reason for the difference in Minoxidil levels is that men require more of it to stop hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

What about side effects?

This is where Scalp Med really wins out, especially when compared to its oral competitors, like Propecia, as Scalp Med causes no sexual side effects. As mentioned above, it also won’t leave your scalp feeling itchy and dry.
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About Author: Tom Barbados

Tom Barbados is a personal trainer based in San Diego, California. He writes a monthly newsletter offering training tips, health news and product reviews for men.
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