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Scalp Med, does it work?
Written by James Taylir on Apr. 2nd 2016
When it comes to hair loss, we’re easily tempted to try any product out there that says it could help. These products all make big promises of “proven” results, but might not produce any for some and end up being not only unhelpful, but a big waste of our hard-earned money. Here I’ll try to debunk some of the myths about one such product: Scalp Med®.

Scalp Med is one of the newer hair treatment options on the scene and comes with its own fair share of hype, but the question is: Does Scalp Med really work?

What is Scalp Med?

From its website: “Scalp Med is designed to stop hair loss and thinning hair and promote new hair growth. Scalp Med’s proprietary hair-loss treatment delivers thicker, stronger hair without surgery, sexual side effects, wigs, weaves or cover-ups that are common with other hair-restoration products.”

As you can see, those promises I mentioned are here, front and center. Taking things a step further, Scalp Med also claims to be “stronger than genetics” because it halts and reverses hereditary hair loss and thinning, known as male-pattern and female-pattern baldness. That’s right, unlike some of its competitors, Scalp Med asserts it is a proven-effective regimen for both male and female hair loss and thinning hair. Scalp Med even says it can restore hair lost due to non-hereditary factors. Scalp Med decreases both patchy hair loss and excessive hair loss.

Before we can dive into the Scalp Med treatment process and how it stops hair loss and regrows lost hair, it’s important to understand hair loss/thinning hair itself and how/why it happens.

What causes hair loss?

The cause of hair loss or thinning isn’t fully understood, but is usually related to one of several common factors. These include your family history (heredity), hormonal changes, medical conditions and medications. The hereditary condition of male-pattern or female-pattern baldness is the most common cause.

Scalp and skin disorders are potential causes as well as drugs used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart issues, high blood pressure and birth control. Even too much vitamin A can be a potential cause. Others include radiation therapy, events that cause physical or emotional shock, and believe it or not, certain hairstyles and hair treatments.

How does ScalpMed work?

Now that you know the causes, here is a quick breakdown of how hair loss happens and where Scalp Med comes in to help stimulate growth.

There are three stages of hair growth: the Anagen phase (growth), catagen phase (transition) and telogen phase (rest). Hair loss occurs when the Anagen phase, or growth cycle, is disrupted. This happens when a hormone called DHT constricts blood vessels that supply vital oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, until eventually the follicles can no longer grow hair.

Scalp Med’s hair loss treatment keeps blood vessels in your scalp open so oxygen and nutrients can flow into your hair follicles. This will help revive your dead or dying hair follicles and cause them to increase in size. This allows hair to resume its Anagen growth phase, resulting in the growth of new, often thicker, healthy hair.

What is the Scalp Med Process?

Scalp Med’s hair loss solutions include topical, non-surgical products such as hair regrowth shampoo and a cortex enlarger thickening spray. What sets Scalp Med apart from the competition is this patented two-step topical solution to hair loss.

Scalp Med’s unique two-step process treats the scalp and then stimulates hair growth. The process combines Scalp Med’s multi-patented pre-scalp treatment, Nutrisol® with clinical-strength growth formula, Vitadil®. Vitadil is Minoxidil-based, which is currently the only FDA-approved hair-growth ingredient.

The first phase of the Scalp Med solution is the pretreatment formula, NutriSol, which creates the optimal environment for healthy, new hair growth. NutriSol is a specially-formulated shampoo that is massaged directly into the problem areas. NutriSol helps shrunken hair follicles increase in size, which allows for new, thicker hair to grow.

Step two of the treatment is the clinically proven Vitadil. After the scalp has been primed with NutriSol, Scalp Med’s Vitadil topical solution is sprayed directly onto the same area. The spray doesn’t need to be massaged in and will deliver maximum-strength Minoxidil to the area. Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved ingredient clinically proven to safely stimulate new hair growth.

The Verdict: Does Scalp Med work?

While everyone will have different results, it does appear Scalp Med is a viable option for hair loss. Most report results within four to six months, so it is important to be patient, and stay the course by applying the treatment twice a day.
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About Author: Tom Barbados

Tom Barbados is a personal trainer based in San Diego, California. He writes a monthly newsletter offering training tips, health news and product reviews for men.
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